Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

Sermons by Pastor Howard Moths

Practicing the Presence of God

Pastor Howard preaches a sermon titled Practicing the Presence of God. *New Here?* Let us know, or request more information about Rosewood Church: *How can we pray for you?* Share prayer requests or get connected to speak with a pastor: *Give online*: *Dig deeper!* Study guide questions available here: *SMALL GROUP…

Gone Fishin’

Today Pastor Howard helps us explore the question “What is your Great Escape?” To help us, he shares three ways to reconnect with Jesus and the lessons we can learn from around the fire. Scripture Passage: John 21:1-14

40 Days of Prayer: When God Says No

Pastor Howard will conclude the 40 Days of Prayer series with the message, When God Says No. Through the years you may have heard many reasons why God might say “No” to some prayers. For example, God says “No” because has a bigger perspective, or he has a better plan or purpose for your life.…

Symbols in Jeremiah, Part 7

Today Pastor Howard’s message focuses on the symbolic action of Buying a Field in Anathoth. Jeremiah did something that seemed crazy – buying a field that was in the possession of the enemy, that he would probably never see, as a sign of God’s promise that the people of Judah would be restored to the…