Empowered by Christ to reveal His love and reach our communities

Our Mission and Values

Vision Reproducing spiritual leaders in our church and homes to empower the next generation of believers.

We believe anything alive will grow and change, and that includes our church.  Our vision gives us a future target of who we will be and helps us not get stuck in the urgency of the present.  The consistory and staff have discerned that God is directing us towards a greater investment in the next generation (ages 0-22) through leadership multiplication.  Scripture casts this vision by placing discipleship in the church and home, and if a young person is being invested in through both we will increase the odds of a lifeline faith that grows up with them.

We must continuously ask this question: What is the faith of the next generation worth?  We say everything.

Mission: Empowered by Christ to reveal His love and reach our communities.
Rosewood’s mission statement is a clear and concise statement that defines what we are ultimately supposed to be doing. That also means our mission statement, at it’s core, isn’t much different from every other Christian church. And that’s how it should be! Every Bible believing, Christ honoring church shares this mandate, and this is how we phrase ours according to the unique culture of Rosewood.
  1. Welcoming our neighbors with joyful hospitality.
  2. Serving through acts of compassion and generosity.
  3. Equipping one another for spiritual growth.

 Our values are our shared convictions that guide the actions and uncover the strengths of our church. Unlike our mission, these values are unique to Rosewood as they reflect our most deeply held ideals. Because we are always changing and growing, we are always looking for ways to better live out of our values.