Empowered by Christ to reveal his love and reach our communities

Our Mission and Values

The mission statement of Rosewood Church is: Empowered by Christ to reveal his love and reach our communities.
And the three values that express our essential identity are:
  1. Welcoming our neighbors with joyful hospitality.
  2. Serving through acts of compassion and generosity.
  3. Equipping one another for spiritual growth.

 Our mission statement and values are the filter through which we will conduct ministry, promote congregational life, and cultivate gospel culture.  They will help us identify what’s important to us and how to stay true to those priorities, and this is just the beginning.  While leadership has affirmed these to be a word from the Lord, they are no good to us if they remain just words on a page.  From here we begin the unfolding process of discovering new ministry endeavors, strengthening existing ministries, and aligning resources to support our vision for ministry at Rosewood.