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What is 1829? 1829 is the Rosewood young adult group for those that are roughly 18 to 29 years old. Do you have to be tied to Rosewood to be a part of this group? Definitely not. Can you bring a significant other or a spouse? For sure! Can you come on your own? Heck yes! Do I have to be local? No! I know many of you are off in other places of the world, but if you’re ever around you are always more than welcome to join us!

SMALL GROUP ON SUNDAYS – Young adults in that 18-29ish year age range are invited to join us for a small group that will meet regularly after Sunday service during the Sunday school hour. We are going to study some minor prophets and decided to start with Habakkuk (this week Habakkuk chapter 1) following along with the message series. We will be meeting in Jay’s office! Go down the long office hallway, turn a couple little corners, and then the first room on the left! 

Request to join our 1829 Facebook group which is used as a connection method for me (Jay) to communicate with you about upcoming events and things. I’d love for you to plug in! Please invite any friends, significant others, spouses to the group that may interested!