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In-Person Worship at Rosewood Church

Once you’ve reviewed the Worship At A Glance above or the full details below, click RSVP to reserve a spot.

The Rosewood Church Consistory has approved a plan to reinstate gathered worship with modifications to create as safe of an environment as possible.  Through worship modifications and a collective commitment to healthy practices we can dramatically reduce transmission risks for as long as COVID-19 lives among us.

Referencing the attached service map while you read the following information will help you imagine what has been planned for this first phase of in-person worship.

Worship Overview

Rosewood Church is prepared to meet again for in-person worship services at 9:00 AM.  For those who choose not to or cannot attend, you can watch the full service live online through our public Rosewood Church Facebook page (an account is not required) at 9:00 AM.  Later in the day that video will be uploaded to Facebook to view anytime, and later in the week the service will be posted on our YouTube channel and website.

For those attending live, you may remain in your car and listen through your radio by tuning to a specified station, or park and walk to one of the many designated spots for outdoor seating and listen through speakers on stage.

How to Arrive Ready for Worship

First, RSVP through our website, rosewoodchurch.org, or the link in your email.  This ensures we will have enough spots for you to park and/or sit.  One RSVP per group, please.  The RSVP form will be made available each Sunday for the following Sunday, and close at 9:00 PM each Saturday.  Those who cannot access the online form may call the church at 616.669.6690, ext. 301 and leave a message with your name, which service you plan to attend, and where you’ll be sitting (general seating, in your car, handicap section, or sign language).

If you plan to remain in your car, make sure you have enough gas to run your AC for the duration of the 45 minutes service.  You may also consider packing something to eat or drink, as refreshments will not be provided.

If you plan to sit outside, we encourage you to bring masks, chairs (none will be provided to reduced shared contact points), sunscreen, hand sanitizer, blankets, or anything else to make you more comfortable.  Make it a picnic if you want!  However, do not bring anything that would impede the view of people behind you.

What to Expect When You Arrive

The entrance from Rosewood St will be closed to all traffic, and incoming traffic will be routed through the southern entrance of the parking lot off 28th St.  Parking attendants will help you find your way to the closest available parking spot.  The existing handicap parking spots are available with designated seating to reduce your walk, though you may sit anywhere you’d like.

Those who are staying in their cars for service will be instructed to turn on their hazard lights to indicate your RSVP preference to the parking attendants.  Those who plan to sit outside will be parked in general parking sections and walk to the “general seating” part of the parking lot to claim an open parking spot for worship.  Handicap and sign language sections are reserved for those who need them.  We will be using every other parking spot to sit in to provide a safer distance between groups.  All other spots will be blocked off.  You may sit in any available spot based upon your viewing and hearing preferences.

Restrooms will be available through the main doors, and only one person or family will be allowed inside at a time.  An attendant will be present at the door.

Mask and Social Distance Requirements

Masks are to be worn by all people at Rosewood ten years of age and older while they are outside of their cars, and everyone is expected to maintain a minimum six feet of social distance from those not in their sphere of existing contact.  If you do not have a mask or forgot yours, you may pick one up before the service.  If you do not wish to wear one, you may take advantage of the drive-in option or stay at home and join us online.

Masks are a hot topic, sadly, as they have proven to be the best way to reduce the risk of transmission.  No one on earth enjoys wearing them – that’s one thing we can all agree on.  Wearing a mask is an act of love, and considering the call of Christ is to lay down our life for his glory and control, laying down our comfort for an hour for the good of others is a small sacrifice for your neighbor.

What You Can Expect From Us

You can expect the staff and volunteers to consider your safety our top priority.  Staff and volunteers will adhere to the same safety expectations as you, including following proper social distance guidelines on stage, creating a safety barrier between singers and preachers and the audience, and wearing a mask or shield at all times.  You are too important to us to cut corners and take risks.

For the Kids

Each week, families with young children will receive a bag full of different items to help keep their kids engaged, including a special sermon notes page.  Not only do the kids enjoy these activities, but also it helps us understand if we are communicating effectively with them from the front.  After service, families will leave their bag where they sat so we can prepare it for next week.  Sidewalk chalk will also be waiting for you in the seating areas, but let’s be honest, it won’t just be the kids using that. Please keep your kids with you at all times.


Anyone can give towards God’s work through the ministries and missions of Rosewood Church through Rosewood’s website, or by mailing their gift to the church.

Inclement Weather Plan

In the event of inclement weather, service will be cancelled and the congregation and community will be notified by email, Facebook, and our website.  The worship leader and preaching pastor will record a live service inside at 9:00 AM, which everyone can watch on our public Rosewood Church Facebook page.


Many will choose not to attend out of an abundance of caution, and we honor your decision to do so. For those of you joining us online, service will begin at 9:00 a.m. on our Rosewood Church public Facebook page. When we must cancel in-person worship due to bad weather, our live online service will also begin at 9:00 a.m. on Facebook.