Empowered by Christ to reveal His love and reach our communities

Fall Worship Update

As churches like ours embrace the great outdoors to promote a safer worship experience, we all are aware this can’t last forever.  Your Consistory and staff have been discussing dozens of options pertaining to worship and building use this fall, and a way forward has begun to materialize.  You can expect to hear a plan for worship from Consistory by Tuesday, August 11 at the latest.  Thank you for your patience as we work to blend safer practices with meaningful worship.

Regardless of what’s decided, you can be assured of three things for the future.  First, the Church isn’t canceled until the day Jesus returns and fully establishes his kingdom on earth.  Temporary alterations to long-held worship traditions are not a threat and we mustn’t be alarmed.  Second, an online worship option will be available for anyone who isn’t comfortable being in a group.  And third, we will not give up on our mission to be a gospel community empowered by Christ to reveal his love and reach out communities.  Stay tuned for more and please keep our fellow Rosewood leaders in your prayers.
In Christ,Pastor Austin Vondracek